HTC ONE X Stock ROM RUU Download

Here’s a compilation of HTC One X stock ROM (RUU – ROM Update Utility) . One useful thing about stock RUU is that if you had your HTC One X installed with any custom ROM and you want to return back to original stock so that it can  receive an official OTA update again . The Official OTA updates will check your device  bootloader status, to guarantee that you will receive any official OTA updates, you need to relock the bootloader and flash your stock RUU.exe.  See a full instructions on XDA developer on how to properly use the stock RUU ROM to your HTC One X. This is also very useful if somehow you messed up your HTC One X when flashing with zip file. Flashing a RUU is considered as your last resort to completely restore back your phone into total recovery.

ROM Update utility RUU back up for HTC One X

HTC ONE X: Endeavor Stock ROM Collection

Just make sure to grab the right RUU according to your HTC One X origin – by country and carrier provider. For USA and Canada HTC One X with AT&T and Rogers carrier the stock RUU Evita are here. Stock RUU Endeavor and Evita are quite different from each other.

Note: if this list may outdated, just find more latest RUU updates out of your own, for it is impossible or us to track down all these updates since we are also handling too many devices on this website.

HTC One X Asia

RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_HK_1.28.708.10_Radio_1.1204.103.14_release_257077_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_India_1.26.720.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251419_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_SEA_WWE_1.28.728.9_Radio_1.1204.103.14_release_256493_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_TW_1.26.709.3_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251853_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_TW_1.29.709.7_Radio_1.1204.104.14_release_259284_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.26.707.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251281_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.28.707.10_Radio_1.1204.103.14_release_257076_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_CN_CHS_1.28.1400.5_Radio_1.1204.103.14L_release_255009_signed.exe

HTC One X Arabic


HTC One X Europe

RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.20.401.1_Radio_1.1204.71.08_release_249238_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.26.401.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251208_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.9_Radio_1.1204.103.14_release_256469_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.29.401.7_Radio_1.1204.104.14_release_259281_signed.exe



HTC One X O2


HTC One X Optus


HTC One X Telecom


HTC One X Orange


HTC One X T-Mobile

RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_TMO_AT_1.26.112.3_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251904_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_TMO_DE_1.26.111.3_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251905_signed.exe
RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_TMO_NL_1.26.114.3_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251908_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_TMO_UK_1.26.110.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251224_signed.exe

HTC One X Vodafone

RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_Vodafone_AT_1.26.169.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251280_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_Vodafone_CHDE_1.26.166.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251279_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_Vodafone_FR_1.26.163.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251225_signed.exe RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_Vodafone_UK_1.26.161.2_Radio_1.1204.90.13_release_251227_signed.exe

We have found a download area now:  HTC ONE X RUU Download page

Big thanks to James Taylor

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20 thoughts on “HTC ONE X Stock ROM RUU Download”

    1. i used this “RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_S_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_Radio_2.1204.135.20_release_274900_signed”, it is ok for further OTA updates?

    2. I have no idea if it will work. Actually, If you’re from custom rom you can not install ruu for signature problems these issue occurs because of the differences between boot, hboot, recovery versions of your phone.
      You need to download the right RUU(that matches your CID).
      examples of CID.
      x.xx.61.x – Orange UK (United Kingdom)
      x.xx.65.x – Orange CH (Switzerland)
      x.xx.75.x – Orange ES (Spain)

      If you currently run the original stock just match your firmware info from the list available above or from the given link.
      a: To get software version
      - Go to fastboot and in command line type:

    3. fastboot getvar version-main
    4. Then get the details of your device. An example like this one.

    5. version-main: 1.29.707.12
    6. finished. total time: 0.006s
  1. I have updated to Jelly Bean and I’m very displeased by it, so I want to rollback to 4.0.4. I thought about writing the original ROM then updating to 4.0.4 OTA. My One X is the Europe unlocked version. Question is: which of the 5 versions listed above for Europe, is the right one for me?

  2. The links have now moved to another download page which is now maintained by Alex of androidfilehost. All other HTC devices RUU’s also in there.

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