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Install 4.3 Update On AT&T Galaxy S3 to I747UCUEMJB

The official Android 4.3 Jelly bean update has already arrived for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747). As you may know, the Galaxy S3 has skipped on 4.2.2 update and has directly bumped-up to Android 4.3. The 4.3 update will now come in the form of firmware build number I747UCUEMJB and brings the Galaxy Gear functionality, […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.2 Update UCDMG2

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747) 4.1.2 Jelly Bean I747UCDMG2 OTA Update Rolling

The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update on AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747) has finally arrived. The new firmware version build numbers are I747UCDMG2  and recently rolled out  live via OTA (over the air). This is the ‘Premium Suite’ update that features the long-awaited ‘Multi Window’ support and other 4.1.2 stuff, and well of-course the AT&T’s […]

android 4.2.1 jelly bean

I747UCDLK3 AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Official Update Rolling

All heads up to all AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII SGH-I747 users in the United States, the official Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean update now starts rolling. The new firmware build is I747UCDLK3, this is an update from earlier builds I747UCALG1 or I747UCALH9. The Canadian version was released yesterday,  U.S  advance users also expected that AT&T will […]

Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 Kies OTA Stock Firmare

I747UCALH9_I747UCLH9 New OTA Update Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T SGH-I747)

New baseband build I747UCLH9 OTA (over the air) update officially  release foor U.S Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-I747 under AT&T carrier. This is a patch update from previous full released I747UCALG1 which reportedly adds up a brightness slider to the notifications menu. Other than that some few noticeable changes like touchwiz become a bit more  […]

How to Install/Return Back Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-I747 to Original Factory Stock Firmware

If yo want to return back your Samsung Galaxy SIII AT&T SGH-I747 to its original factory stock firmware, all you need to do is to install back its original factory stock firmware provided by Samsung. Installing or flashing back the original stock ROM is useful in some other part like, if somehow having done some […]

I747UCALG1 Samsung SGH-I747 AT&T Galaxy S III Original ICS Stock ROM

This is  the I747UCALG1 ICS 4.0.4 original Stock firmware for Samsung SGH-I747 AT&T Galaxy S III.  This firmware was released on July 2012, an update from the factory firmware build I747UCALEM. This may only useful to return back your phone to the original factory stock firmware settings. This may also useful to fix if you accidentally bricked your […]

Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T SGH-I747) Original Stock ROM/Firmware [I747UCALEM]

These are the original Stock ROM for Samsung SGH-I747 AT&T Galaxy S III. This may only useful to return back your phone to the original factory stock firmware settings. This may also useful to fix if you accidentally bricked your Galaxy S3 from messing up installing other Galaxy S3 ROMs variants. Disclaimer: We shall not […]