Epic Fail on SONY Xperia S Official Jelly Bean Update Not Rolling Out

If you owned the Sony Xperia S and been waiting for the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, then you must be aware that it’s already rolling out, says some fellow bloggers. But the unfortunate event seems returning into hoax because no one has ever confirmed receiving the said promised Jelly bean update on the Xperia S up to now. The hilarious false alarm, was started when Sony Mobile France posted that the said Jelly bean update is already out but owners of the Xperia S turns out disappointed since there is no Jelly Bean at all after hours of waiting.

sony mobile

Sony’s  support page doesn’t even show that the Jelly Bean update is rolling.

Xperia S jelly bean

It’s turns out just a joke, right?  But who knows if the Jelly Bean update is already out there and Sony has got some important reasons causing the delay.  So, much better wait for the notification sent into your device or prepare your PC companion, that will accurately tells you if the Jelly Bean update is already available on your Xperia S device or you may also get the latest happenings from other Xperia S owners at XDA forum .

In addition, despite of false alarm here’s another reports that says  “the next update believed to be push before the end of this month and update the Xperia S from 6.1.A.2.55 to 6.2.A.0.200”.

Possible changes and features and it mostly like the Sony Xperia P recent  Jelly Bean update.

  • Newer and more intuitive versions of Sony Media apps: WALKMAN, Album and Movies
  • The new app Socialife gathers all the information from your social networks. You can download it from Play
  • Organize and search your apps in a new and faster way
  • Get more out of your battery with the new and improved Battery Stamina mode
  • With Google Now, you get the right information at the right time, even before you know you need it