Galaxy Tab 2 7″ P3100XXCMA4 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update Hits Singapore and South East Asia

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 with 3G and Wi-Fi devices from South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines. The official Android 4.1.2 jelly bean update for your devices is coming on its way. The new build release number is I9300XXCMA4 4.1.2 JB, this is a full upgrade from Android 4.0.4 P3100XXBLH2 or P3100XXBLE3 ICS firmwares. You should be seeing this update from Kies anytime now. Samsung has added a lot of new features for Galaxy devices, most of these features are found from the Galaxy Note II such as Google Now, Ink effect, newly designed lockscreen widget and the rest will be yours to discover.

Firmware Build P3100XXCMA4 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inchGT-P3100
Region: South East Asia
Country: Singapore, Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippine
Android version: 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
Build Date: Feb. 2013
Release Data: March 2013
Update: Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean are also available!
android 4.2.1 jelly bean

You may also share to us how this new firmware update performs on your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 devices if you already received this update.


  1. will this work for GT P3100 w/ Android 4.0.4 P3100XXLH2 and not P3100XXBLH2? I’ve checked kies but still no update available for my tablet, I’m from PH btw.

    1. Just wait, it’s must be undergone into test with your carrier provider before it’s actually push to the public.

  2. I am big fan of android and using this from its very first version. Android brings lot of changes in the gaming era with its pleasant apps that we are using which makes gaming much more interesting.

  3. The release was meant for “girlie” version of 4.1.2 called La Fleur. It is not the regular 4.1.2. FFS Samsung.

    1. So this girlie version of JB will be the official firmware for GT-P3100? Or will there be a regular version of it to be released soon?

  4. Hi just wondering if it will be availabke for p3110 too. Coz ive been checing ota updates but there is none. The link that you provided above for p3100 for suncellular, will it work for my p3110 too (also from suncellular)? Thanks

    1. Hi ninya, and you from PH? Try checking via kies. If I’m not mistaken, there are YouTube videos already showing how to update P3110 through kies.

  5. hello is it ok with u droidangel if u can email me regarding update for p3100, if it is already available OTA here in the phil. thank you

  6. I have a baseband version of P3100XXLH2. I will wait for my update anytime soon. I’ve included Galaxy S2 and Note 1 just FYI.

    This is from Samsung Electronics Philippines Online Support as of April 2, 2013:

    The latest update for the GT-P3100 is the Jelly Bean(Android 4.1.2) for the baseband version 3100XXCMA4/P3100QLBCMA3/P3100DXDLL1/P3100XXCMA4.

    For the galaxy S2 GT-I9100 it is the Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0.4) for the baseband versions I9100DXLP7/I9100OLBLP7/I9100DXLP7/I9100DXLP7 and I9100DXLPF/I9100OLBLPF/I9100DXLPB/I9100DXLPF.

    The Galaxy Note GT-N7000 has the Jelly Bean(Android 4.1.2) for the baseband version N7000DXLSE/N7000OLBLSE/N7000DXLS8/N7000DXLSE.

    You may check the baseband version of your device if it is in any of the ones posted above by going to Settings then About Phone then Baseband Version. If it is not in any of the baseband versions posted above, it may not be available yet on the unit but rest assured that it will come next in line. You will receive a notification on the tablet that an update is already available and you will be able to upgrade your device.

    You may also ask assistance from our service center representatives to upgrade your device or you may check with our Smart Tool kits located inside the mall wherein you will only have to connect your device and start updating, provided that an update is already out for your device.

    Please note that updating your device does not void the warranty of your unit. Please make sure that you have at least 50% battery when you start the update. We have posted the list of our shops that has Smart tool for your reference:


  7. Still no update for p3100xxlh2 to date. Is there even going to have an update for this baseband? I am starting to see now why a google device could be better…

  8. I just bought a tab 2 P3100XXLH2 I am in the US and the tablet is unlocked but I use it with a t-mobile plan. Will I get the update to Jelly Bean? I am currently on 4.0.4. T-Mobile will not touch it here because I have an international version rather than a US version.

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