HTC One X 4.2.2 Stock OTA Update 4.18.401.2 Firmware with Sense 5

Here’s the HTC One X Android 4.2.2 official OTA update build version 4.18.401.2. No RUU file available for now and this one is a flashable zip file that can manually or directly flash via your phone’s fasboot mode.This is only meant for those unbranded HTC One X which are basically with already unlocked bootloaders, installed with custom recovery and who can not update officially via OTA.

So for those running with official stock firmware without any modification, if you receive a notification saying that the new update update is available, then install it.
HTC One X 4.18.401.2 OTA update 4.2.2
The 4.2.2 OTA update version 4.18.401.2 brings the new enhanced ‘HTC Sense 5’ and several changes which is mostly found on all 4.2.2 running HTC devices.

Here you can download the stock OTA update 4.18.401.2 for HTC One X.

This is only basically worked on the HTC One X variants with CID number HTC__032 and also works with the following CID numbers:
HTC__001, HTC__E11, HTC__203, HTC__Y13, HTC__102, HTC__405, HTC__304, HTC__A07, HTC__016, , HTC__M27 and for those starts with 0 to 9 i.e ‘00000000’ or ‘22222222’

Just make sure your phone already runs with 3.20.401.3, likely if you are still on 3.20.401.1 you might encounters install error via CWM custom recovery. Install this first.

– Unlock Bootloader
– Flash CWM Recovery
– Flash OTA zip
– Return to Fastboot