I317UCAMH3 AT&T Galaxy Note 2 How come I say an update when there is nothing to it?

Wait the tittle might be misleading, Heck no, I’ve been here running this website for almost 2-years now. Seriously, Yes! there’s a new OTA update on AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-i317 that comes in build version I317UCAMH3. Its already rolling and coming on its way to AT&T Galaxy Note 2 owners. If you are one them, you should be happy by now, would this be your long-awaited Android 4.2 update? Nup my post tittle tells you the firmware build numbers, including the correct Android version sometimes.
Here’s the I317UCAMH3 screenshot:
AT&T Galaxy Note 2 firmware update
The weirdest thing about this update is that they don’t even provide any changelog. Speaking of changelog, once every update should at-least posses some noticeable changes, either a bug fixes or an added feature. So if there is no given changelog that’s also simply means – “Do not expect new changes or interesting features”.

The I317UCAMH3 4.1.2 update is currently rolled out via OTA and gains around 165MB in size. So just check it out, I don’t wanna talk about this update since there is nothing on it. My only question is ” How come releasing an update when there is nothing to it? Weird? Eh, No? To get further info about this update, some of our brothers at XDA-developers has gone tackling about this new I317UCAMH3 that already began hitting their AT&T Galaxy Note 2 devices as of earlier today.

source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2440648

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