I317UCAMH3 AT&T Galaxy Note 2 How come I say an update when there is nothing to it?

Wait the tittle might be misleading, Heck no, I’ve been here running this website for almost 2-years now. Seriously, Yes! there’s a new OTA update on AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-i317 that comes in build version I317UCAMH3. Its already rolling and coming on its way to AT&T Galaxy Note 2 owners. If you are one them, you should be happy by now, would this be your long-awaited Android 4.2 update? Nup my post tittle tells you the firmware build numbers, including the correct Android version sometimes.
Here’s the I317UCAMH3 screenshot:
AT&T Galaxy Note 2 firmware update
The weirdest thing about this update is that they don’t even provide any changelog. Speaking of changelog, once every update should at-least posses some noticeable changes, either a bug fixes or an added feature. So if there is no given changelog that’s also simply means – “Do not expect new changes or interesting features”.

The I317UCAMH3 4.1.2 update is currently rolled out via OTA and gains around 165MB in size. So just check it out, I don’t wanna talk about this update since there is nothing on it. My only question is ” How come releasing an update when there is nothing to it? Weird? Eh, No? To get further info about this update, some of our brothers at XDA-developers has gone tackling about this new I317UCAMH3 that already began hitting their AT&T Galaxy Note 2 devices as of earlier today.

source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2440648


  1. My wife and I just updated our phones today to an update that was available. Our Note 2s are running faster than before the update..

    We already had 4.1.2 so I don’t know what changed but whatever it is, ot is sure nice..!!

  2. i have updated mine and I don’s see any improvements nor changes whatsoever. it doesn’t even runs faster now, its the same thing as it was before. why won’t they just update us to 4.2.2? when they rolled out the 4.2.2 mf3 update on my S4, the bootloader was locked tight. i’d just hope and pray that this could not happen to my glaxy note2. I am very suspicious on AT&T right now, the large OTA file size bothered me, there might be something they have put hidden inside which only them knows.

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