Install I9300XXEMG4 Odin Stock for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, Boost Signal and Better Battery Life (Updated)

A new firmware with build numbers I9300XXEMG4 is out for UK’s unbranded Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300). This said update has reported to bring some significant changes when it comes to signal strength and  less battery power consumption. This update got the higher changelist compared to the recent released in other Europe countries, southeast Asia, India etc with build numbers, I9300XXEMF6 and I9300XXEMG5.

Important Note:
This firmware includes a new ‘Bootloader’ image and there are some quite disturbing reports that this update will also brings some serious problem such as the ‘IMEI’ lost issues. This will happen if the owner will return or install back to any custom rom that still posses an older Modem other than XXEMG4 will wipe ‘IMEI’ codes. The phone is still alive though, but the signal is gone,  and that means you can’t make any calls anymore.

Here is the actual system images files on this particular firmware build I9300XXEMG4, and this truly confirms that it has a new Bootloader image attached.

bootimage on Galaxy S3 I9300

Actually, that ‘IMEI lost’ issues already had a workaround solution from the devs and advance users so there is nothing to worry about.Samsung in this case is just trying to informed owners not to downgrade back to older version. And if an owner say so, then the risks will take place. To get rid of ‘IMEI lost’, advance owners should always do have a backup of the ‘EFS file’ from the phone’ system. There’s already a comprehensive guide on how to create a back-up your phone’s ‘IMEI’ just head-over here XDA-developers.

Again, before performing the update, just make sure you already have your own IMEI/EFS backup that you saved somewhere else. To simply get rid out of trouble just simply update to Samsung’s official firmware. If you can’t stay away from custom ROM, just make sure it already had the XXEMG4 Modem added. Again DO NOT downgrade or install back to older firmware/ROM builds once you already have this MG4 update installed. Instead look forward for upcoming official Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 Jelly Bean update.

Install I9300XXEMG4 Official Jelly Bean Odin Flashing Procedure for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

Disclaimer: This guide is for advance users only, this is risky for beginners. We shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device while using this guide. Proceed at your own risk!

Below are the stock firmware for advance users and aftermarket developers use.
Stock Firmware I9300XXEMG4: 
Download Galaxy S3 I9300 Firmware

Odin3_v3.07 Download
GT-I9300 USB Driver Download

1) Extract or unzip the downloaded firmware or stock ROM so that you’ll get the Odin flashable tar file which is looks likely the same as the image below.

i9300XXEMG4 firmware
2) Run Odin Downloader v3.07 flasher program.
3) Load the binary file. Click on the PDA button then browse to the folder where you extracted the stock ROM. like for example I used UK firmware so it goes like this “KIES_HOME_I9300XXEMG4_I9300OXAEMG4_1314436_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5”

4. Do Not check the Re-Partition checkbox. Mark check these checkboxes Auto Reboot and F-Reset Time.
5. Reboot the phone in download mode: To reboot the Galaxy S3 into download mode , you need to turn the power off. After it completely shut down, just press and hold theVolume Down key, Home button and the Power ON/OFF button simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Download Mode buttons – (Volume Down+HOME+ON/OFF)

You should then prompted into a warning screen and asking you to press volume up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, just simply press volume up to get into download mode. The download mode then displays an Android robot and say’s “Downloading.. Do not turn off target!!”
6. Connect the phone to PC when it’s in the Download Mode screen.
7. Hit the “START’ button.
10. Wait until a word “PASS’ appears.
11. Remove the phone from PC once completely reboots.

Optional: perform factory reset to gain a fresher firmware installation, this is very useful to get rid of booting and  lag issues.

You may then confirm the newly installed Jelly Bean from your device:
Settings–>About Phone–>Software info or type *#1234# and see if it’s already I9300XXEMG4 4.1.2 Jelly Bean build.

Just share to us, how’s your impression  about this MG4 4.1.2 update on your Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300.

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