Install S7500XXMC2 2.3.6 Update on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500) has received another Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update with build number S7500XXMC2 which hitting both unbranded and carrier branded devices in Germany, Luxemburg, Italy, Romaina, Slovenia and other Baltic States and Europe regions. The S7500XXMC2 is part of Samsung’s newest 2.3.6 Gingerbread update that targets to fix reported lags issues and brings a lot better performance and stability.  Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 can expect a much smoother and faster UI experience such as browsing contacts, SMS, Emails, photos, videos and etc.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Firmware update

Those who hasn’t seen this update yet, must better check it out via Samsung Kies software update utility tool. If you don’t have Kies installed in your computer, just download it from Samsung website.

For those advance users who might missed this update, due to some factors if your Galaxy Ace Plus is currently rooted and not seeing this update on Kies, you can manually install it using the original S7500XXMC2 stock firmware.

How to install Android 2.3.6 S7500 XXMC2 on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

This stock ROM is compatible with all European Galaxy Ace Plus, for this only includes all European languages. Just read carefully the instructions below and don’t forget to back up all off your important data installed on the device before proceeding.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible for anything happens to your phone by using this guide. Proceed at your own risk!

Do the following preparations before proceeding:
– Make a back up copy of all important data stored on the device.
– Ensure that the battery is fully charge.
– Close any Antivirus software, if you have KIES installed close it also.
– PC with Windows OS
– USB to Micro-USB PC data cable

Grab the following files:
Odin: Odin3_v1.85
USB Driver: USB_Driver

Download Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus unbranded S7500XXMC2 stock firmware:

Germany – DBT S7500XXMC2 S7500DBTMC1 download
Luxembourg – LUX S7500XXMC2 S7500LUXMB1 download
Ukraine – SEK S7500XXMC2 S7500OXEMB1 download
Baltic – SEB S7500XXMC2 S7500OXXMC2 download
Netherlands – XEN S7500XXMC2 S7500OXXMC2 download
Switzerland – AUT S7500XXMC2 S7500OXXMC2 download

1) Extract the previously downloaded S7500XXMC2 stock firmware packaged.
2) Install the USB driver
3) Run ODIN v1.85 multi downloader on your Desktop.
4) On ODIN leave the “F-Reset Time” and “Auto Reboot” checkboxes, DO NOT Check Repartition.
5) Next, Tick  on the PDA button then locate and load the:
example: “S7500XXMC2_S7500DBTMC1_HOME.tar.md5”
6) Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
7) Turn the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus into Download mode by pressing ( Volume Down + OK + Power ) at the same time.
8) Then Connect the phone to PC, the ID:COM port mapping will turn to yellow colour when the device is properly connected and detected.

9) Hit the “Start” button if all things are ready… to begin flashing.
10) Just wait until Odin finishes flashing. Don’t touch it and avoid interrupting the process. It takes just around 5 minutes depends of your computer speed.
11) A word “PASS” with will then display on the left side square if the flashing successfully completes.

If the flashing successfully completes, the phone will then reboot… then unplug it from the PC.
You may then Perform Factory reset to regain a fresh firmware installation. Just press
( Volume UP + OK + Power ) at the same time. Then select “Wipe Data/FactoryReset”.
You may then confirm the newly downloaded firmware version name etc by typing **#1234#.
Then change the language settings which is in German within your own locality.

For flashing failures and errors:

– remove the phone from PC
– remove the phone’s battery for a couple of seconds then in-place it back again.
– check the driver installation, do un-install then re-install
– check USB cable or try to use another one
– check PC USB ports and then try to connect to another port
– close any programs like anti-virus that might interrupt the process, especially Kies for it will block Odin from working properly
– then repeat the whole process again