Install stock I317MVLUCMK5 Official 4.3 Canada Galaxy S3 SGH-I317M

Here’s how to install the official I317MVLUCMK5 4.3 update for all Canadian version of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317M. If your Galaxy S4 has root, the stock firmware is useful if you did not get and missed the 4.3 update from OTA over-the-air or Kies. These stock firmware are all original, unmodified and untouched factory stock images which was directly pulled from Samsung firmware server. These may only useful in-case you need to restore back your Galaxy Note 2 to its original firmware settings. This will be used to unroot your rooted devices, revert back to official firmware from unofficial ROMs and any changes.

If you are an advance user who loves to modify your device, you should have this original stock image as your back-up copy. This stock ROM may save your device if you messed-up from any modification and end-up into bricks.

I317MVLUCMK5 4.3 Stock Firmware

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317M
Country: Canada
Carrier: Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel and Virgin Mobile

Disclaimer: Use of these guide and the stock firmware is solely at your own risk! This  is a developers and advanced users method only.

Important Note: This stock ROM are built for and can be used on Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317M only. Do not ever try to install this on International variant of Galaxy Note 2 or your device may ended up any undesired outcomes.

The 4.3 update has a new secured bootloader included, it cannot be flashed directly if you are still running on a modified root kernel or 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 based  ROM. You may first try restore to 4.1.2 update. From there you can actually take the 4.3 I317MVLUCMK5  OTA update once on 4.1.2 I317MVLBMA3.  Again, to get 4.3 update your device must be on 4.1.2 I317MVLBMA3. Older stock firmware  builds can be found here.

How to Install I317MVLUCMK5 4.3 firmware on Canada’s Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317M

Before you flash the stock ROM, you should always back-up all your important data stored from your device then saved it into your computer. Make sure that the battery is fully charge. Use a good USB cable built for Galaxy Note 2. A personal computer runs with Windows operating system, for a Odin program that used to flash stock ROM will only run on such OS and will not work on MAC and any other OSX.
Grab the following:
Odin Flasher Tool: Odin3_v3.09
USB Driver here

Rogers – 4.3 Jelly Bean RWC_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
Bell – 4.3 Jelly Bean BMC_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
Telus – 4.3 Jelly Bean TLS_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
Sasktel – 4.3 Jelly Bean BWA_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
VirginMobile – 4.3 Jelly Bean VMC_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5

1. Install the driver
2. Extract or “unzip” the download firmware in a separate folder on your computer.
3. Run and configure Odin. Do not check the “Re-Partition” checkbox. Leave marked checked on “”Auto-Reboot and “F-Reset Time”.
4. Boot the Galaxy Note 2 into “Download Mode”
– Turn it Off
– Press and hold (Volume Down, Home and Power) button at the same time.
– Press Volume Up to continue..

5. Connect the Galaxy Note2 to computer, once it display the downloading screen.
6. Load the tar file on Odin’s AP button.
– click on AP button then locate and select the extracted .tar.md5 file.
example: “I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5_HOME.tar.md5”

7. Hit  the “Start” button to begin flashing.
8. Wait until it finishes and Odin displays a word “PASS!”.
9. Once the device reboots, unplug it from PC connection.

Fixing Possible Errors and Failures.

Set up connection failed
All threads completed (success 0/failed 1)

This is cause by a bad USB connection. Try to reconnect or use other USB cable, check everything – PC USB serial ports.

Stuck at welcome screen or logo? This happens if you previously installed unofficial firmware.
This can be easily fix by factory reset or clearing the memory cache.
– press and hold (Volume Up, Home and Power) button
– navigate down and choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the volume keys.
– Use Power or Home button to enter choice.
– then select “Reboot System Now”.

Changing carrier CSC code enter on you phone keypad *#272*IMEI#
Rogers – RWC
Bell – BMC
Telus – TLS
Sasktel – BWA
Virgin – VMC

Any further questions and help, you may drop it on our comment form.