New Official 4.2.2 Update on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5113) P5113UEUCMK3

There is now another Android 4.2.2 update for United States version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 WiFi (GT-P5113) and can be downloaded through over-the-air or using Samsung Kies. This new 4.2.2 update comes in firmware build numbers P5113UEUCMK3 and has started rolling out recently. In-fact there are no other reports from Samsung until we have found out and confirmed that the firmware build P5113UEUCMK3 is already in Kies server. So meaning this was already rolled out from the past few days.

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Jelly Bean UpdateWay back on August, the first 4.2.2 update with build numbers P5113UEUCMH2 came around but despite of users excitement it turns out that the 4.2.2 update ignited with complaints due to numerous users issues, you can actually read it here. If you are among of those who already received the first 4.2.2 update you should update your Tablet now. This update might sort out all previous issues and problems you’ve been experiencing with your tablet. So again, if you owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5113, you should start seeing a notification that says something like a ‘new update is available for download’. The roll out might be in stages, so it means not everyone can get an update at the same time. Those who might not receive any notification, better head-over to your tablet settings. From the Home key, tap Settings, About tablet, and then tap Software update. A pop-up screen should then appearing if the update is already available in your areas. It can be also downloaded using Samsung Kies software tool, on this method the device needs a connection to the computer. Make sure your tablet is fully re-charged before performing an update. One more thing, it should not even rooted, or you’ll probably get an update failure once you have root.

Update: Added Stock Firmware P5113UEUCMK3 (4.2.2) for advanced users.
Here’s the stock firmware for those who might have rooted their Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 devices and wondering why the OTA update keeps failing or facing issues that says “this device is not supported with Kies”. The reason is your device is already modified, and the update can’t get through, sounds simpler than that. So the stock firmware is your last resort to restore back your device to official firmware again. Just follow the guide below on how to unroot and return back your tablet to official firmware.

Manually Install P5113UEUCMK3 4.2.2 Stock firmware

This guide is for advanced users only, those who have rooted and installed with modified firmware on their Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5113 and having issues updating via OTA or Kies. This is your last resort to unroot or restore back your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 to official factory firmware provided by Samsung. Ordinary users may only update through OTA (wit WiFi connection) or Kies and do not use this method, that’s because your Galaxy Tab 2 still runs on official firmware and you can simply update without any hiccups. .

Disclaimer: This guide are for advanced users only. Those who’s been rooted their devices knows what’s this all about. Though this method is proven safe but you may use this guide solely at your own risk!

– Make sure the battery is fully charge
– Make a back-up copy of all important files stored from your device.
– If you came from custom ROM and wants to restore back your Galaxy Tab 2 to completely stock, perform wipe data via custom recovery first to avoid bootloop issues.
– If you installed Samsung’s Kies software, make sure it is closed and not running on system tray.
– Use the supplied USB cable of your Galaxy Tab 2, failures in flashing is caused by a bad USB cable.

Grab Odin3_v3.07 Odin3_v3.07 link
Install the USB Driver: download here

Download the original P5113UEUCMK3 stock firmware
U.S.A.  – link
Canada  – 

1. Extract or “unzip” the downloaded firmware. Use winzip, 7zip or any decompressing tool in your computer.
2. Set the Galaxy Tab 2 into Download Mode
Turn it off, then press and hold down the “Power and Volume DOWN ” buttons at the same time. Press the “Volume UP” to get into download mode. Don’t connect the tablet into the computer yet.
3. Extract and Run Odin flasher tool.
4. In Odin’s checkboxes options, DO NOT Check the “Re-Partition” , just leave “Auto-Reboot and F-Reset Time” mark checked.
5. In Odin, click the PDA button. Select the P5113UEUCMK3_Home..tar.md5 file you extracted.
6. Plug the tablet to PC USB connection. In Odin, under ID:COM will highlight and shows the current com port of your Galaxy Tab 2 connected to. If you don’t see this and Odin doesn’t responds,  it means the device is not connected yet, just try another USB port or USB cable.
7. Click the START button.
8. Wait until it’s finishes flashing. Once it’s done, the tablet will just reboot.

Optional: Performing factory reset may also useful to gain fresher firmware installation. This is proven fixes unwanted issues, like bootloops, lags, stuck on welcome screen, lags and etc. Just make sure you have already backed-up your files before doing factory reset.
To do this you need to turn your Galaxy Tab power-off, then press and hold down the “Power and Volume Up ” buttons at the same time. Then wait until a recovery screen appears, just select ‘Wipe Data/Factory reset’. You may use the volume keys for toggling the recovery option and then the power button to select.

If you have something to mention, just drop it on the comment form. Enjoy!


    1. Free users can download up to 2GB, that file is around 1.02GB, so you can download. try to register a free user account. 🙂

    1. One way to do it is to drain the battery until it is completely dead. Hook up the charger while it is off and let it charge for a little while (I don’t have an exact time frame, but it wouldn’t hurt to charge it until it is completely full). Then follow the steps to do a factory reset.

    1. Last update was I915VRBMH3 4.1.2. We do not cover this device since there is no stock firmware released.

  1. I can download the firmware but it’s taking about 4 hours. It would be nice if Samsung let people download it from their site, since neither Software Update nor Kies work correctly.

  2. Hi, I have Samsung tab 2 10.1. After applying an update, it is stuck at the logo expresso10 .jpg draw failed message. I have tried rebooting the tab while holding the volume key (I guess this is the Odin mode!). It gives me few options -manual reboot, -boot from external storage, -boot using ADB, wipe data/factor reset, wipe cache partition, apply update from cache.

    At the bottom it says
    E:failed to mount /system (invalid Argument)

    I have tried manual reboot, factory reset and reboot again. It still fails and stuck at that draw failed error. It is is out of warranty.

    Will manual installation of stock firmware resolve the issue? I appreciate any direction you can provide to solve this issue.


  3. I know this is a few years late but please help bought from a pawn shop so device already said device status custom cant update I want to unroot or do whatever to get back to original factory setting

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