I317MVLALJ2 Canada Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317M Original Factory Stock ROM/Firmware

Here’s the original Stock ROM for all Canadian version of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317M. These stock ROMS are all original, unmodified and untouched factory stock images. These are useful in-case you need to restore back your Galaxy Note 2 to its original firmware settings. This will be used to unroot your rooted devices, revert back to official firmware from unofficial ROMs and any changes.

If you are an advanced user who loves to modify your device, you should have this original stock image as your back-up copy. This stock ROM may save your device if you mess-up from any modification and end-up into bricks.

Note: This stock ROM are built for and can be used on Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317M only. Do not ever try to install this on International variant of Galaxy Note 2 or your device may ended up any undesired outcomes.

Disclaimer: Use of this stock ROM is solely at your own risk!

I317MVLUCMK5 4.3 Stock Firmware

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317M
Country: Canada
Operators: Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sasktel and Virgin Mobile

Rogers – 4.3 Jelly Bean RWC_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
Bell – 4.3 Jelly Bean BMC_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
Telus – 4.3 Jelly Bean TLS_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
Sasktel – 4.3 Jelly Bean BWA_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5
VirginMobile – 4.3 Jelly Bean VMC_I317MVLUCMK5_I317MOYACMK5_I317MVLUCMK5

I317MVLBMA3 4.1.2 Stock Firmware

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317M
Country: Canada

Rogers – 4.3 Jelly Bean RWC_I317MVLBMA3_I317MOYABMA3_I317MVLBMA3
Bell – 4.3 Jelly Bean BMC_I317MVLBMA3_I317MOYABMA3_I317MVLBMA3
Telus – 4.3 Jelly Bean TLS_I317MVLBMA3_I317MOYABMA3_I317MVLBMA3
Sasktel – 4.3 Jelly Bean BWA_I317MVLBMA3_I317MOYABMA3_I317MVLBMA3
VirginMobile – 4.3 Jelly Bean VMC_I317MVLBMA3_I317MOYABMA3_I317MVLBMA3

I317MVLALJ2 4.1.1 Stock Firmware


Rogers – 4.1.1 Jelly Bean RWC_I317MVLALJ2_I317MOYAALJ2_I317MVLALJ2
Bell – 4.1.1 Jelly Bean BMC_I317MVLALJ2_I317MOYAALJ2_I317MVLALJ2
Telus – 4.1.1 Jelly Bean TLS_I317MVLALJ2_I317MOYAALJ2_I317MVLALJ2
Sasktel – 4.1.1 Jelly Bean BWA_I317MVLALJ2_I317MOYAALJ2_I317MVLALJ2
VirginMobile – 4.1.1 Jelly Bean VMC_I317MVLALJ2_I317MOYAALJ2_I317MVLALJ2

How to Install or flash the stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317M

Before you flash the stock ROM, you should always back-up all your important data stored from your device then saved it into your computer. Make sure that the battery is fully charge. Use a good USB cable built for Galaxy Note 2. A personal computer runs with Windows operating system, for a Odin program that used to flash stock ROM will only run on such OS and will not work on MAC and any other OSX.
Grab the following:
Odin Flasher Tool:  Odin3_v3.07 link
USB Driver Download

1. Install the driver
2. Extract or “unzip” the download firmware in a separate folder on your computer.

3. Run and configure Odin. Do not check the “Re-Partition” checkbox. Leave marked checked on “”Auto-Reboot and “F-Reset Time”.
4. Boot the Galaxy Note 2 into “Download Mode”
– Turn it Off
– Press and hold (Volume Down, Home and Power) button at the same time.
– Press Volume Up to continue..

5. Connect the Galaxy Note2 to computer, once it display the downloading screen.
6. Load the tar file on Odin’s PDA button.
– click on PDA button then locate and select the extracted .tar.md5 file.

7. Hit  the “Start” button to begin flashing.
8. Wait until it finishes and Odin displays a word “PASS!”.
9. Once the device reboots, unplug it from PC connection.

Fixing Possible Errors and Failures.

Set up connection failed
All threads completed (success 0/failed 1)

This is cause by a bad USB connection. Try to reconnect or use other USB cable, check everything – PC USB serial ports.

Stuck at welcome screen or logo
This can be easily fix by factory reset.
– press and hold (Volume Up, Home and Power) button
– navigate down and choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the volume keys.
– Use Power or Home button to enter choice.
– then select “Reboot System Now”.

Changing carrier CSC code enter on you phone keypad *#272*IMEI#
Rogers – RWC
Bell – BMC
Telus – TLS
Sasktel – BWA
Virgin – VMC

Any further questions and help, you may drop it on our comment form.


  1. Is there a GENERAL firmware NOT carrier specific that will allow us to get Dual App Screens? Rogers doesn’t have it!
    Would Unlocking the phone allow this update to come through?
    Any info or advice would be great!!!

    1. no..unlocking(i assume you mean rooting) just gives you root access to the operation system…you can uninstall system apps or more importantly the bloatware from rogers…you can also install very cool apps that require root access, but adding multi window will most likely be only available through a modified rom or offical rom when Rogers makes it available..

    2. Yeah I thought about the rooting aspect. But I thought maybe if I did a full carrier unlock that may allow me to install Samsung original firmware and not one that Rogers it someone else had their mitts in. Scrap Rogers altogether. No?

    1. The flashing fails for it will look for the “PIT file image” (partition table) and if you’re unlucky it may also result onto soft-brick. It is only advisable to tick if there is a “PIT file” loaded.

  2. the telus version boot me with bell application and no lte/4g at all , it kinda screw me up 🙁 any advice?

    1. Actually all ROM are all the same builds, the only differences is that the default bloatwares, logos, wallpapers and etc.. for each specific carrier.
      That is why there is a default Consumer Specification Code (CSC) on each carrier.
      Carrier CSC
      Rogers – RWC
      Bell – BMC
      Telus – TLS
      Sasktel – BWA
      Virgin – VMC

    2. Jeff, did you get it figured out? I have the same issue I tried both the telus 4.1.2 update and and the initial 4.1.1 telus rom that was posted here and they both install the Bell bloatware and CSC code.

      The problem is the options in the APN settings are slightly different between the two carriers (I’m not talking about the actual setting I set but options available to me there). Therefore I can get everything to work except sending mms.

      Please help

  3. If I have a rogers phone, but decide to flash the bell stock rom (because I use bell on an unlocked rogers phone), will my phone be a “bell” phone?

    1. Sort of, because you’ll all get the default bloatwares for Bell – apps, settings, welcome screen, logos, wallpapaers, etc.
      But if the phone is still locked from Rogers it remains on Rogers range. Flashing other carrier providers stock ROM does not unlocked the device.

    2. i rooted my note 2 and its confirmed rooted ( roger sgh-i317m) but i dont have 4.1.2 as i was hoping and dont have multi view. how do i do this?

  4. Hi i have a rogers phone and trying to flash a new rom on to it but its not going the right way im doing what it says i have todo but still no luck at all i can still get back in to my phone after im goibg to try the jedixp8 rom when its done downloading on my phone need help this is my email if any one can help me out wr8127@gmail.com thanks

  5. I reflached but I keep getting invalid sim and phone restarts. I check stock recovery and it shows Bell rom, but I downloaded the rogers rom. I even get Rogers bloatware. Downloaded again, reflashed. Same thing. Any ideas?

    1. All the stock firmwares were built along with Rogers bloatwares on it but the CSC sales code is exactly correct on each files. To removed the annoying bloatwares, just find the de-bloater apps fro G-Play, or freeze it.

  6. Thankd DroidAngel, but how do I stop it from restarting. It happens at least once a day. It will say invalid SIM then restart about 4 times within 10 minutes.

  7. Your latest 4.1.2 ROMS are ALL Bell Stock Roms instead of being specific to different carriers. I can confirm that Rogers 4.1.2 is actually Bell 4.1.2. Hope it will be fixed.

  8. @ kelly to fix that problem all you have to do is enter on you phone keypad *#272*IMEI# then choose rwc if you want to load Rogers csc apps etc.

    1. Yes, Custom recovery fails, some old root method block you from OTA updates but some root method such as injected into stock or so-called ‘pre-rooted stock’ will work on OTA.

  9. Followed your procedure to revert my 4.1.2 to 4.1.1 for Bell, but hung up on the “SAMSUNG” logo screen on my note II.

    Your procedure states:
    “Stuck at welcome screen or logo. This can be easily fix by factory reset.
    – press and hold (Volume Up, Home and Power) button
    – navigate down and choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the volume keys.
    – Use Power or Home button to enter choice.
    – then select “Reboot System Now”.

    Tried this and it still hangs on “SAMSUNG” logo, so I used odin to fall back to 4.1.2 and it worked ok. Just in case I had a bad download of 4.1.1 I downloaded again and tried but it still hung on the logo.

    I really want to go to 4.1.1 so I can root it and then upgrade to 4.1.2.

    Any suggestions

    1. This was posted long before the 4.1.2 came around, but you have all the guts there when trying to roll back to 4.1.1 not even aware that there might be a new bootloader added on 4.1.2 I317MVLBMA3 update and returning back to 4.1.1 is quite risky:)

      If you did not touch your device before using rooted kernels and/or custom. I suggests that you must stay on 4.1.2.
      But I suspects that your device still has hidden data that was not fully removed during the stock recovery wipe process. This happens when you root before, or install with custom roms. Now if I am correct, here’s my suggestion to deal that certain problem..I want to fully clean your system cache. (proceed at your own risk!).

      – Find a root on 4.1.2, CF-Auto-Root works on MB3
      – Install a custom recovery TWRP/CWM.
      – Now enter into custom recovery mode, (volume up, home and power button)
      – Once in recovery… select delete these files–> Delete Data, System, Cache, Dev Cache.
      – Lastly flash the 4.1.1 stock ROM again.

  10. Wilma;

    Thanks for your assessment.

    Actually, the reason I wanted to fall back to 4.1.1 and root it, was for the purpose of “unlocking” my phone for other carriers sims. I had rooted my phone on 4.1.2 but could not unlock it and having searched the net I deduced that I had to fall back to 4.1.1, root and then unlock before reloading 4.1.2.

    In your opinion is it possible to unlock my phone while on 4.1.2 when it is rooted without falling back to 4.1.1?

    Best Regards

    1. As far as I know, the encrypted files for unlocking purposes is hidden separately within the system partition table and not beneath the OS images. If it is inside the firmware images, so does all ROMs created by after-market developers have the capacity to unlock the phone. So, I believed that you can still unlock even you are running on 4.1.2. I knew it because I do some unlocking when my technicians are not around. There are two types of unlocking method – using “patches of code” and the other one which we always used is by using a special flashing tools.

  11. Wilma;

    I forgot to add a ? to my last post to you.

    You stated in your reply to me (‘Once in recovery… select delete these files–> Delete Data, System, Cache, Dev Cache.”).

    Is there any reason I should delete “Data”? I would prefer not to have to reload all my apps again. Would it be safe to omit “Data” from the delete process?

    Best Regards;

    1. If you are rooted or installed with any custom recovery, there is an option there to easily back-up and re-install all data files in one single shot. You may also use one of the famous apps called “Titanium back-up”. Cleaning the data is important on some part, too many people around here had been complaining “I got flashing failure, I got stuck on Samsung logo, I got unwanted bootloops and/or auto reboot’ my phone becomes laggy. These are all causes by some unwanted files that still inside the system table. If you’ve even tried complaining these problem on Samsung support, they probably told you this ” please perform factory data reset”.

  12. Wilma Dee;

    In an above post you stated the following to me:

    – Find a root on 4.1.2, CF-Auto-Root works on MB3
    – Install a custom recovery TWRP/CWM.
    – Now enter into custom recovery mode, (volume up, home and power button)
    – Once in recovery… select delete these files–> Delete Data, System, Cache, Dev Cache.
    – Lastly flash the 4.1.1 stock ROM again.

    I have a question about the above procedure. In step three after I select to Delete the files you specified, you indicate I should then flash 4.1.1. You did not say how to go about the flash. Are you saying to use the TWRP facility to do it in which case I need to know where to put the flash file so it isn’t deleted in the clean up delete process of step three.

    Will the phone reboot after the delete to allow me to use “Odin” from my pc for the flash of 4.1.1?

    I think I need a little more detail before I proceed. I don’t want to take the chance that the delete process in step three makes my phone unuseable.

    Best Regards;

    1. Yes Odin back to 4.1.1 stock, deleting the data option means that you are NOT going to wipe-out the entire system OS, and of-course the phone will then reboot though. The data specified there is your pre-installed apps, contacts, photos, videos, SMS, emails, etc from the system memory.

      And by the way, next time when the 4.3 came around do not do such downgrade procedures again. I’m sure there is a new bootloader included to it.

  13. Thanks Wilma for your feedback.

    Just one more thing. You said “And by the way, next time when the 4.2.2 came around do not do such downgrade procedures again. I’m sure there is a new bootloader included to it.”

    Did you really mean “4.2.2” or “4.1.2”? I’m not aware of a “4.2.2” for the Note II.

    Best Regards;

  14. I have a Rogers version, and a bell LTE sim card, but I am not getting any data. but i get text messages and phone calls. I tried changing CSC to bell etc. not working still. can you help ?

    1. All you need is to configure the APN settings pointing to Bell’s network.
      Settings>>Tap Wireless controls>>Mobile networks>>Access Point Names>>Menu key
      Create New APN

      Name: Bell Internet
      APN: pda.bell.ca
      Proxy: web.wireless.bell.ca
      Port: 80
      MMSC: http://mms.bell.ca/mms/wapenc
      MMS proxy: web.wireless.bell.ca
      MMS port: 80
      MCC: 302
      MNC: 610
      APN type: Internet + mms
      Authentication Type: none

      Then save and reboot..

  15. Hi guy I have this situation I was on custom rom and I decided to go back to stock but after reinstalling I had all this bell bloatwares even tho I’m with roger…well then I realized that I have no network and it shows that I have 11 GB free but when I try to install something or even to open gallery it gives my a notification that I have no enough memory on sd partition or sometimes even show that I have no partition any idea what to do ??? I rooting phones already two years and I’ve never met with this kind of problem 🙁

    1. From custom ROM you should first perform Wipe data/dalvik cache partition, to gain a clean installation and to get rid of many issues. About the bloatwares, you can change your CSC to Rogers which is “RWC”. About the network issues, you can check your device “APN Settings” and see to it that it points to Rogers network server.

  16. Hi Guy, my problem is that my phone lost baseband version and IMEI number. I download the stock rom: TLS_I317MVLBMA3_I317MOYABMA3_I317MVLBMA3; The rom did not fix the issue. After I install it, the baseband version and IMEI number still shown Null. Could you please help me? Thousands thanks!

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