Galaxy Note 8.0 4.2.2 Updates MH1, MH2 MH3

Most recent slates of Samsung phones and has almost completely covered with Android 4.2.2 updates. Today , we are going to tackle down the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 3G, WiFi and LTE specific models (GT-N5100, GT-N5110 and GT-N5120). The Android 4.2.2 Update on Galaxy Note 8.0 has already started rolling from last month to earlier this week on select countries only and it’s not yet completely rolled out worldwide. To know which-of-which countries received the said 4.2.2 updates, just read on.

Android 4.2.2 Update on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

First,  the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE GT-N5120 version got the first update to 4.2.2 in the UK and then followed by Germany. The official firmware build numbers marked as N5120XXCMH1 in UK and N5120XXCMH2 in Germany.

The second update hits the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 3G + WIFI GT-N5100 is select regions in South East Asian countries. In Europe only Germany owners has received it so far. The firmware comes in the build version N5100XXCMH2. In India they received the  N5100DDCMH5 build.

And on the recent update earlier, it comes for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi version only GT-N5110.  The initial release that comes in build numbers N5110XXCMH3 is pointing towards British Galaxy Note 8.0 owners for now, and hoping that other countries will follow sooner.

Those of you who might have not received this 4.2.2 update yet on your Galaxy Note 8.0 devices, just make sure keep an eye of it through Samsung Kies or ask your dealer or network providers to learn more about this 4.2.2 update.