Update N7000XXLTA Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 4.1.2, for carrier branded only

There’s a new update hitting the Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) right now. The firmware build number is N7000XXLTA and this update has seen only released for the carrier branded variants of Galaxy Note in Europe regions. This is not Android 4.2 update but still the same to the previous Android 4.1.2 releases. That means there is nothing new on this XXLTA 4.1.2 firmware, it has similar changes and features to offer like the ones you see on other regions update, including XXLT4, XXLT5, XXLT6 and XXLT9 update.
galaxy note n7000 jelly bean
Some carrier branded variants of the Galaxy Note may take sometime to get an update, the delay may oftentimes takes around 1 to 4 months, that’s only according to my own observation. Again, this update is not for unbranded Samsung Galaxy Note, and has seen only rolling for T-Mobile and Vodafone Galaxy Note and might be also seen coming to other European mobile networks. So, that’s it. Enjoy this update.