Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300XXELLA Android 4.1.2 Official Kies Update and Stock ROM/Firmware List

Here’s the list of all official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update released on Samsung Galaxy S3. Besides, the goodies ‘Premium Suite’ that features the Multi Window function, this is also the important software updates build version that reportedly fixes for the “Exynos Exploit”  and the also known “Sudden Death” for some affected devices. The “I9300XXELLA” was first rolled out in UK’s unbranded Samsung Galaxy S3 on January 2nd this year, then followed by other European countries, Asia, Africa and Middle East regions with a different build “I9300XXELLB”, “I9300XXELLC” but still posses with the I9300XXELLA Baseband or Modem.

Exynos Bug Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

I also added the stock ROM for those advance users who currently runs with rooted and unofficial firmware and can’t get this update thru Samsung Kies and OTA updates anymore.
So, just check it out if your country is already on the list.

I9300XXELLASpain Galaxy S3 4.1.2 Update

Note: I can’t assure you the completeness of this list. So, don’t be a bummer to complain here.  I will add more if there are any new updates available.

For those advance users who wants to restore back or update their Samsung Galaxy S3 to original stock firmware you can simply grab the original stock ROM below according to your handsets origin – country and network operator.
All you need is grab the Odin flasher tool and a USB driver for your device.

Odin Flasher Tool For Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

Use the latest Odin flasher tool, since we have received some issues reported using older Odin version, so this is the recommended  version for flashing Jelly Bean Firmware.

Odin3_v3.07 download Odin3_v3.07 link

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 USB Driver

You’ll only needed to install this if you don’t have the latest Samsung Kies installed on your computer or laptop.
USB Driver: Download link

Just read our guides on how to restore back your Samsung Galaxy S3 from unofficial ROM to official firmware using the stock ROM – a step by step guide is here.

Disclaimer: Use of the stock firmware is solely at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device by using this files. Your phone is not a toy for us, it is your very own personal property.  So, it is up to you to decide on what and how to do about it!

Country | Carrier | PDA | CSC | MODEM | Stock ROM


Australia (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300XSAELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download


Austria (3 Hutchison) – I9300XXELLA_I9300DREELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Austria (T-Mobile) – I9300XXELLA_I9300MAXMA1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Baltic (Unbranded)– I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL2_I9300XXELLA_SEB – Download
Bosnia and Herzegovina  – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_ERO – Download
Bulgaria (Unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Bulgaria (VVT) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_BGL – Download
Croatia (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TRA – Download
Croatia (VIPNET) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_VIP – Download
Croatia (Tele2) – I9300XXELLA _I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TWO – Download
Cyprus (Cytamobile) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_CYO – Download
Czech Republic (Vodafone) -I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_VDC – Download
Czech Republic (T-Mobile) – I9300XXELLA_ I9300TMZLL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Czech Republic (O2) – I9300XXELLA_I9300O2CELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Denmark (3/three) – I9300XXELLA_I9300HTDELL2_I9300XXELLA – Download
France (NRJ) – I9300XXELLC_I9300NRJEMA1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Germany (Vodafone) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_VD2 – Download
Germany (T-Mobile) – I9300XXELLA _I9300DTMMA1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Greece (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_EUR – Download
Germany (E-Plus) – I9300XXELLA_I9300EPLELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Greece (Cosmote) – I9300XXELLA_I9300COSLL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Hungary (Unbranded) – I9300XXELLA _I9300XFELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Hungary (T-Mobile) – I9300XXELLA_I9300TMHELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Hungary (VDH) – I9300XXELLC_I9300VDHELK1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Ireland (Vodafone) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3 _I9300BUELL1_VDI – Download
Ireland (O2) – I9300XXELLA_I9300O2IELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Ireland (3/Three) – I9300XXELLA_I93003IEELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Italy (Unbranded) – I9300XXEMA1_I9300ITVEMA1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Italy (Vodafone) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_OMN – Download
Italy (3/Three) – I9300XXELLA_I9300HUIELL2_I9300XXELLA – Download
Luxembourg (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_LUX – Download
Macedonia (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_ I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_VIM – Download
Montenegro  – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TMT – Download
Poland (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_XEO – Download
Poland (PLUS) – I9300XXELLA_I9300PLSELL3 _I9300XXELLA – Download
Portugal (Vodafone) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_TCL – Download
Romania(Vodafone) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_CNX – Download
Romania(Cosmote) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_COA – Download
Serbia (Telekom) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TSR – Download
Slovenia (Si.mobil) – I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300XXELLA_SIM – Download
Spain (unbranded) – I9300XXELLC_I9300PHEELL3_I9300XXELLA – Download
South East Europe (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_SEE – Download
Sweden (3/Tre) – I9300XXELLC_I9300HTSELL1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Switzerland (Swisscom) – I9300XXELLA_I9300SWCELL3_I9300BUELL1 – Download
United Kingdom (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA_I9300OXAELLA_I9300XXELLA – Download
United Kingdom (3/three) – I9300XXELLA_I9300H3GELL1_I9300NELK2 – Download
United Kingdom (T-Mobile) – I9300XXELLA_I9300TMUELL1_I9300BVELK1 – Download
Ukraine (Kyvstar) – I9300XXELLC_I9300QXEEMA2_I9300XXELLA – Download


Indonesia – I9300XXELLC_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_XSE – Download
Hong Kong  – I9300ZSEMA1_I9300OZSEMA1_I9300ZSEMA1_TGY – Download
Malaysia – I9300XXELMA2 _I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA – Download
Philippines (Smart) – I9300XXELLC /I9300OLBEMA1 /I9300XXELLA – Download
Philippines (Globe) – I9300XXELLC_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_GLB – Download
Taiwan  – I9300OZSEMA1_I9300ZSEMA1_I9300XXELLA_BRI – Download
Thailand – I9300XXELLC_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_THL – Download
Vietnam – I9300XXELLC _I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_XEV – Download

Africa and Middle East

Afghanistan (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_AFG – Download
Egypt (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_EGY – Download
Iran (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_THR – Download
Iraq (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MID – Download
Kenya (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_KEN – Download
Libya (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_BTC – Download
Mauritania (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MRT – Download
Morocco (MAT) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MAT – Download
Morocco (MED) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MED – Download
Morocco (MWD) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MWD – Download
Morocco (FWD) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_FWD – Download
Nigeria (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_ECT – Download
Pakistan (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_PAK – Download
Saudi Arabia (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_KSA – Download
Saudi Arabia (JED) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_JED – Download
Turkey (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_TUR – Download
Tunisia (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_TUN – Download
Tunisia (ABS) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_ABS – Download
South Africa (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_XFE – Download
United Arab Emirates (unbranded) – I9300XXELLB_I9300XXELLA_XSG – Download
United Arab Emirates (LYS) – I9300XXELLB_I9300XXELLA_LYS – Download

North America

Argentina – I9300UBEMA1_I9300UVOELL1_I9300UBELL_ARO – Download
Brazil – I9300UBEMA1_I9300ZTOEMB1_I9300UBELL1_ZTO – Download
Chile – I9300UBEMA1_I9300CHOEMB1_I9300UBELL1_CHO – Download
Panama – I9300UBEMA1_I9300UWHELL1_I9300UBELL1 – Download
Paraguay – I9300UBEMA1_I9300UVOELL1_I9300UBELL1 – Download
Peru – I9300UBELL6_I9300TFGELL1_I9300UBELL1 – Download
Trinidad and Tobago – I9300UBEMA1_I9300UUBELL1_I9300UBELL1_TTT – Download
Uruguay – I9300UBEMA1_I9300UVOELL1_I9300UBELL1_UPO – Download

If you have anything to add, questions and suggestions are most welcome, just leave some message on the comment form.

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