T-Mobile HTC ONE Android 4.3 OTA 3.24.531.3 Official RUU/Stock Firmware (Updated)

Here’s the original Android 4.3 stock firmware packaged on T-Mobile HTC One LTE from OTA Update 3.24.531.3. HTC never released any 3.24.531.3 RUU for now, so this stock firmware is only for those who wants to return back to stock or directly upgrade to the official Android 4.3 update.htc one android 4.3 update

OTA Stock Firmware Build 3.24.531.3 

  • Device: HTC One
  • Carrier: T-Mobile USA
  • Modelid: PN0713000
  • CIDnum: T-MOB010

Inside the firmware packaged:

  • adsp
  • boot.img
  • Hboot
  • radio.img (4A.21.3263.03_10.38m.1157.04L)
  • rcdata.img
  • recovery.img
  • rpm.img
  • sbl1-1.img
  • sbl1-2.img
  • sbl1-3.img
  • sbl2.img
  • sbl3.img
  • tp_SYN3202.img
  • tz.img

The 4.3 update is equipped with “new bootloader” image and the official recovery image causing some issues while flashing. This is normal when the Android ecosystem will bump-ups to  another build version.  Just make sure to have a back-up copy of all important data stored from your device for it will all wipe-out. This is an unsigned 3.24.531.3  so therefore your phone must be S-Off prior to install this firmware. Head-over to the source link below to grab the firmware package and please read carefully the details on how to manually flash a stock firmware on your HTC One.

Stock Firmware 3.24.531.3 via XDA-Developer, thanks to [Behold_this]

Update: Download T-Mobile HTC One official RUU 3.24.531.3.

The official RUU 3.24.531.3 has officially release and can be downloaded from HTC website.
Direct download link: http://dl3.htc.com/RUU_M7_UL_JB43_SENSE50_MR_TMOUS_3.24.531.3_signed.exe via HTC