Update I9505XXUDMH8 Android 4.2.2 on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505

There is now a new update build I9505XXUDMH8 for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 and currently hitting in the UK’s unbranded Galaxy S4 devices. The UMDH8  update is still packed on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and is not and upgrade to 4.3 yet. This is another minor update released after the previous rolled out of I9505XXUDMGA up to recent firmware builds.

Screenshot build number I9505XXUDMH8 Firmware Update on Samsung Galaxy S4

Now, take note this firmware update I9505XXUDMH8 bring the new Samsung Knoxx  security apps, that has also been seen on Samsung Galaxy S3 latest update. This firmware came out have SELinux enabled feature that restrict the Samsung Galaxy S4 from super-user exploit.  One more thing,  it also include a new bootloader, and comes with new warranty status from the inside of the said bootloader, therefore downgrading back to previous or old firmware is hardly difficult and risky for bricking at this time being.

Thanks to our fellas from XDA-developers that has been alarmed about this I9505XXUDMH8 4.2.2 update regarding this new bootloader added issues.

It Seems did after installing the new firmware MGG/MH8
no longer be viable to make a downgrade to a previous firmware through odin, flash fails.
Even through flash ROM-based firmware than good Because even if the flash is successful
you will loose all of the system sounds so calls are impossible …. even advise you to wait more clarification before upgrading.

Again, this UDMH8 update is nothing more on any major changes but only the added Samsung Knoxx apps. So, before you update just make sure to refrain from downgrading back to previous firmware build. It is currently lived now on Kies and weights around 43MB in size.
The Official  or stock firmware is available I9505XXUDMH8 below for advance users who used to manually flash using Odin, guide here. And if you want to root I9505XXUDM8, just look for (Chainfire’s) newly updated CF-Auto-Root v1.60 or higher, the old one has failed to worked.
Stock firmware I9505XXUDMH8 Download

If it happens that you already received or get this I9505XXUDMH8 Android 4.2.2 update on your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505, just share to us how this update performs.


  1. if you installed firmware h8 then you cant downgrade and also you dont have wi-fi and sound in any other “custom”rom. only possible solution at this moment, you have to install untouched firmware atleast h8 or newer via odin. later you can install cf-auto-root via odin. i also have 9505. i bored all the roms, wanted to try stock rom with root, i applied ota update from samsung (40mb or somethin like that) and boom! i fucked up ! i cant back my pre-rooted stock firmware cause odin refuse to install. and even i installed custom recovery and custom rom, i dont have sound nor wi-fi…….. if you read this stay away from h8 !!!! of you gonna be burned like me. other than i hated this firmware its using too much resourse not fast as google stock 4.3….. and its simply sucks….

  2. got h8 on my phone before i knew it was h8. rooted and everything went well except SU fails to install updates. tried other SU, same shit. lucky patcher works great but those apps that need root access does not work. now i’m afraid to install stock firmware

  3. Works fine for me, rooted with CF-Auto-Root with Odin and using stock recovery… Managed to disable most KNOX features with RootAppDelete and all is stable..

  4. Ok so I flashed this stupid firmware… Ive got knox too, all my sounds are blocked how do I re- enable sounds?

  5. I flashed this ROM without realising the implications. It worked fine, but when I flash ANY other ROM there is no sound or wifi.

    I tried 4.3, Omega, CleanROM and all have no sound and wifi. Even the stock ROM from my carrier has the same problem.

    I am going to flash this back on and see what happens. Then cross fingers the official 4.3 update fron my carrier works.

    How utterly annoying.

  6. I had rooted stock, never flashed, but i had supersu survival mode on. I did OTA update and then supersu got the whole thing messed when rebooting. I had to flash stock to get out of bootloop and lost my warranty. Ok, warranty lost, so i flashed omega rom, (starting to hate samsung!) and lost all sound. Stock flashing dont help, recovery wont install .zips, says they are bad, and everything is slow and buggy. Kies refuses to update firmware. I have to try to mess system so bad that its unrecognizable by kies and try to get in to emergency.
    Bloody last time i bought anything from samsung, thank you!

  7. I am downloading 4.4.2 for samsung galaxy s4 i9505 but hotfile is block And other recovery and rooted way also not connected so please inform me about 4.4.2 to install with out easyest way

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