Upgrade LG Optimus 2X P990 to Official Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich V30A Update [Manually]

Users of LG Optimus 2X P990 who still waiting for an Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 for your devices, you can update now!  The official Android ICS with firmware build V30A is now initially rolled out in Europe regions.   This long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade  been announced long way back last December 2011 that is going to release from second quarter of 2012, but now came ended on Q4 this year.  We don’t know how  it came up with too much delayed, but here comes the update,. And so the ICS saga now happens finally ends .  Again,  this update  is already available to European users of LG P990 2X via OTA (Over the air). Other countries may still wait for a while until the push will finally reaches in your areas.

Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Optimus 2x P990

How to Update Manually?

Some advance users who already managed to upgrade using the stock V30A ROM and manually flash using the SmartFlasher tool.

ICS 4.0.4 Europe Open v30A stock ROM

A quick installation procedure:
Proceed at your own risk! this work  for us and might not work to yours.
– Make sure to make a back-up copy of important files stored from your device.
– Re-charge the battery at least 60%.

1) Download and extract or unzipped the V30A stock ROM, you will the get the “AP.bin” and “CP.fls” files.

2) Run Smartflasher tool
3) Turn device off, remove battery, plug device in while holding volume down – you should see a software update message on screen and the COM port should be filled automatically in the flash application below after installing the drivers if required.
4) Select the ‘ROM Copy D/L’ tab
5) Ensure ‘Normal Mode’ is selected
6) Ensure ‘Erase CAL’ is NOT selected
“–Click the browse button next to ‘CP Bin:’ and select the baseband (FLS) file–”
“–Click the browse button next to ‘AP Bin:’ and select the firmware (BIN) file–”

7) Click ‘Start’ and wait for the flash to complete

That’s it! If you need to root it, then just follow the rooting method from the link above.
credits to lgp500user, paulobrien and fellow XDA-Developers members.


    1. It also happen to me. DO you have solved this problem? could you please to share the way how to solve this problem?


  1. does it work on lg optimus 3d – p920 black 8gb smart phone? My android version is 2.5.3 at the moment.
    I have rooted my phone via super one click. I have downloaed the rom file for ice cream sandwish 4.0.4 Now i have put the .ZIP file in my phones internal sd card.
    then i use rom manager and boot into recovery mode. Then i select that .BIN and .fls FILE.
    Then the installation unpackes the archives content then says this message:
    installation aborted.
    Then i reset my phone and it doesnt work.
    Please assist me. The smart flash mothod will work only if i root my phone right?

  2. I was stuck on 93% every time. I realized the phone was switching off. What i did was put back in the battery while the phone was being flashed. It worked for me……but try it at your own risk.

  3. Anybody have the the files required, all the links I have tried no longer work

    1. I had the same problem using USB hub, but it worked when I plugged it directly into a USB port on the computer

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