P6210XXMD3: Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6210 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware Update

The long-awaited Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus GT-P6210 WiFi only is finally here! The first official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus GT-P6210 comes with build numbers P6210XXDMC3 and it’s currently hitting UK and Ireland unbranded Galaxy Tab Plus owners only.  So, for those who wants to upgrade now can manually install the stock P6210 MD3 firmware and then simply upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Tab P6210 to official Jelly Bean in no time without waiting to appear it on Kies in your areas. You don’t need to root your device to install this update, but you’ll lose root if your device is currently rooted once you install this official Jelly Bean firmware. Just think of updating now and then simply find ‘how to root’ that works for this update later.

Galaxy Tab 7.0 P6200 jelly Bean

Firmware info:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus
Model: GT-P6210
Country: United Kingdom and Ireland
Carrier: unbranded, unlocked, generic, SIM Free
Phone: P6210XXMD3
Build date: 2013 April

What’s the new features on new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Once this new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6210 features a more fluid scrolling effect, much faster and smoother than 4.0.4 ice Cream Sandwich. The Menus ahs been re-designed and seems busier than it was before. Some features are Google Now, Sharing of media files via DLNA, Blocking mode and Smart Stay (for Screen while watching videos).

There are some issues might occur, since firmware builds are unpredictable for its stability.

How to Manually upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WiFi Only GT-P6210 to Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update P6210XXMD3

This method is called manual flashing by using Odin downloader and the original stock firmware, for we can’t upgrade to it yet via Kies unless we’re in UK or Ireland. Our British and Irish Galaxy Tab Plus P6210 friends can simply update now on Kies, if their devices wasn’t rooted. Do you feel like jealous? Nup, Samsung releases firmware updates in stages, meaning not everyone will get the updates in a short period of time, you will soon see this update coming to your country too.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible if anything happens t your device for by following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

– Back up all files before proceeding. Although the Internal memory and microSD card are both left alone during after the flash process for this firmware is a non wipe version. But all your settings and configuration will all be reset.
– Fully recharge your phone’s battery.
–  Have the copy of the APN settings of your current network provider.
Download the needed tools:

Odin Flasher and USB driver
– Odin downloader use Odin3_V1.85 or Odin3_v3.07 or try it both.
– Latest USB Driver Samsung USB Driver

Grab the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware:
The latest released: P6210XXMD3
Region: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
Download it here – P6210XXMD3_P6210OXAMD3_XEU.zip

This stock ROM is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi GT-P6210, U.S, Europe and all international versions since it’s all the same. The default language is set in English, but all European languages were included in the firmware packaged.

Odin Flasher Guide: P6200XXMD3 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WiFi GT-P6210

1) Extract all the downloaded stock ROM to get the .tar.md5 file.

2) Run Odin3_v1.85.exe or Odin3_v3.07.exe on your computer
3) DO NOT CHECK the RE-PARTITION checkbox, only both ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F-Reset’ left checked.
4) Click the PDA button then load the extracted binary file:KIES_HOME_P6210XXMD3_P6210OXAMD3_1177839_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5.
5) Reboot the tablet into Download Mode: Turn it Off, then( Press Volume Down + Power ON button at the same time).
6) Once the phone in download mode screen, connect USB cable To Phone. The highlighted yellow ID:COM box is and indication that the device is connected properly to PC. If you still do not get any results, try another USB port on your computer.
7) Click the Start button to begin flashing.
8) Wait until it finishes or watch out for the word “PASS”.

It should simply looks like such as this photo:

Optional: Once the phone completely reboots, perform wipe/factory reset to get a fresher firmware installation.
1. Hold Power and Volume Up together, this will switch the device into recovery mode.
2. Release Power after holding it for a second but continue to hold the Volume Up button until recovery menu appears.

Select wipe cache
Select wipe data/factory reset.
Select reboot

Change the default language which is set in British English ( English – United Kingdom) for this is UK’s Galaxy Tab P6210 firmware build. All European languages were included on this package it even has some Asian countries languages, such as Chinese, Korean etc.

Configure the APN settings if encounters some data connections issues. The APN settings of your network operator has reset after installation. Don’t ask me here your network APN settings, it’s your device then you should know it.

That’s all! Your Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WiFi GT-P6210 now runs in Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Just share to us how this Jelly Bean update performs on your Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus GT-P6210.

Does it works well? Do you encounter issues lags or battery draining problems?


  1. I just installed the update…….it’s like having a brand new tablet. Very smooth, very fast……just amazing.

  2. i cant download anything from anywhere as far as apps. google play store just shows downloading with nothing else

  3. after this update i cant connect to any network via wifi , i have done the update in Maldives (asia ) and i am living IN MALDIVES is there any fix to this problem ??????????????

  4. Beware once you have upgraded to 4.1.2 your CSC is KOR which Kies does not recognise. UK is meant to be BTU. To sync with KIES you have to change your CSC.
    Not sure how you effectively change the CSC. Maybe someone can help?

    1. UK’s firmware CSC default is now with KOR same on Galaxy S3 and S4. The BTU is still there but if you want to change the CSC you can simply type *#272* or use CSC changer apps. Anyway, you should not be here or installed this firmware when you still rely on Kies. This website title is ROM update my friend. If you want to update on Kies then you should wait for it for around 6-months to a year before it reaches in your country.
      This firmware has worked perfectly on my Tab. I’m in Portugal and heck I might be stuck on 3.2 Honeycomb, when I was still relying this Kies that you said. Nobody is using Kies, anymore this days. You may visit XDA-developers to learn how millions of people using stock and custom ROMs.

  5. Hello just to mention that I did this on my Galaxy Tab 7 Plus 6210 here in Canada and worked very well, the hardest part was the downloading room, the other thing is that I lost the screen capture… maybe is hiden but I will try to find it, was nice.

    Best regards, and thanks now in JB 🙂

  6. Hi there, I have a question for Wilma Dee

    Everything worked perfectly. Now I have a software update notification and when I go to update, it says “processing failed” after it tries to register my device. Is this going to be stuck in my notification area for good? I cannot clear it.

    1. May I know your tab carrier provider and country of origin. If you are outside Europe region, you should change the CSC code represents your country/carrier simply type *#272* or use CSC changer apps. That error only occurs when like for example if your location is somewhere else in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Africa.

  7. My galaxy tab 7.0 plus is not with any carrier. I am in Canada. I am unable to use the code *#272* because my tablet does not have phone capabilities or a dialer.

    I can find csc changer apps in the google play store? If so, is this process easy or can I ruin my tablet..

    My tablet is working great on this jelly bean firmware nonetheless.

    The only weird thing, is when I swipe from the top to see notifications, the window is smaller, almost as if it was meant for a phone, and not tablet.

  8. Sorry for double post, one more thing, I do not have root, so can I still change csc? I read that it will wipe your data. Will I keep the jelly bean if I change csc and wipe my data?

    1. Yes, the firmware build will not change, but since you are in Canada I’m afraid there is no any Canadian CSC included to this Europe firmware build. So I guess, you should refrain from doing so, it’s just useless to change the CSC.

  9. Thanks Wilma,

    I guess I will just have to disable or force stop the update because it is just sitting there in my notification area, and will not go away.

    Above all I should be good without having to update for a while, until the Canadian firmware of jelly bean becomes available?

  10. I followed the instruction above, i tried it once with the new odin and it failed, i tried with odin 1.85, and its hanging while installing cashe.img, also the odin program is calling my tablet andriod+SLP, any help would be appreciated

  11. worked great on my Tab. I just bought it second hand in Hong Kong and I think it was a France version, cus it wouldn’t update to Jellybean. stuck on 3.2. I hated the UI with the bar at the bottom. now it’s almost the same as my S3 running 4.3.. so far so good.

  12. Is it possible to perform this update using external microSD card only, without the Odin software?

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