Upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113 to 4.2.2 Official Update P5113UEUCMH2

The official Android 4.2.2 update for United States version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 WiFi (GT-P5113) is now live and  starts rolling in the form of firmware build numbers P5113UEUCMH2. As I said, the update brings the device OS bumps to 4.2.2 from which Samsung skipped from 4.1.2 since the last released was the firmware build 4.1.1 P5113UECLK7. This is seemingly the same scenario happens to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 GT-P3113 that has also received its update to 4.2.2.
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Jelly Bean Update
There are no official announcement from Samsung to when exactly it begins rolling, but we have had confirmed that this update is currently live via Samsung’s firmware server.

So if you owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5113, you should start seeing a notification that says something like a ‘new update is available for download’. The roll out might be in stages, so it means not everyone can get an update at the same time. Those who might not receive any notification, better head-over to your tablet settings. From the Home key, tap Settings, About tablet, and then tap Software update. A pop-up screen should then appearing if the update is already available in your areas. It can be also downloaded using Samsung Kies software tool, on this method the device needs a connection to the computer. Make sure your tablet is fully re-charged before performing an update. One more thing, it does not even rooted, or you’ll probably get an update failure once you have root.

Just share to us how this Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update performs on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113.

Update:  New 4.2.2 update build P5113UEUCMK3 is here, check it out if this update will resolves all issues you’ve been found on this EUCMH2 update. 


  1. Hi, I just updated mine (Tab2 10.1 Wifi 16GB USA) into JB 4.2.2 with KIES yesterday… It’s an amazing update, we can see the diference in responsivness and some things changed in visual apearence… now we have battery percentaje…
    We do not have the native screenshot as in 4.1.1… and in my case I face a problem when shut down device… it start again an again… so I did a Hard Reset by Recovery as it’s showed in HOW TO HARD RESET SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 in YouTube… but it still the same… can’t shut down… If somebody is facing the same behavior please tell.. we need to find a solution…

    Another thing:
    I think this is not a simple upgrade but a complete install of the firmware, because when I did the hard reset the new 4.2.2 still there, and not the one that come with the tablet… when I upgrade from the original to 4.1.1 and then did hard reset the original was the one that was there and I had to upgrade to 4.1.1 again… but now it’s different… we always will have the 4.2.2 even if we do Hard Reset…

    It’s official… I ask SAMSUNG and they confirmed that the “upgrade is roll out” 🙂

    1. I hate this new update. Keeps rebooting after turning it off. The tech from Samsung didn’t know how to fix it. Hate the new screen format! When will we get a fix?

    2. I also had the prob or not being able to shut down my tab 2 10″ so I read a lot of posts and the one of a Samsung OS app causing the prob came up several times so I reverted Samsung apps one at a time until I hit on the Samsung Push service. When I reverted it to icecream the problem disappeared and I can now turn off the tablet as it was on the old version of android but I still have all of the good upgraded apps of 4.2.2.

  2. I finally received OTA update for Tab2 P5113 and it fixed the problem to unable turn off device because it rebooted immediately… and sometimes turn off and sometimes reboot…
    so if anybody else have problems with KIES update… maybe by OTA it will fix… 🙂

  3. I wasn’t aware that a new update was rolling out, so I thought it was a minor one. I absolutely hate it so far. I do not like that the screen shot icon is gone and the notification bar at the top. And the ability to sort apps is missing. Is they are going to change these things, we should at least have the option to customize it. I really can’t find much information about the real changes, other than how “fantastic” it is.

  4. I recently installed Android 4.2.2 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100, and it turn my beautiful display into a chunky not so crisp display. Screen shot button is gone, it like using my Sam s4 now! Not good. Is Samsung turning into apple, where one size fit all?!

  5. I downloaded the new upgrade, was unhappy that it messed up all my screens and icons. I also do not like the notification toolbar at top. It does not show battery percentage anymore when not plugged in. Seems to be slower in response.

  6. I absolutely hate everything about it! My tab is slow as hell now and lacks all the functionality that I loved…. Now, my tab is a useless piece of shot untili figure out a way to restore 4.1.1…

  7. HATE IT!!!! I never realized exactly HOW MUCH I used the screen shot! Thats the least amount of issues. The format just sucks.

  8. I have experienced the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 not shutting down. I went through the Samsung chat line and was told to request a shipping label and return the device for repairs. I don’t want to do that because there is nothing mechanically wrong with it. This problem started immediately after installing 4.2.2 upgrade. I think Samsung has an obligation to least tell it’s customers that there is a problem. The people I chatted with at Samsung 2 days ago acted like I was the only one with the problem.

    1. until the update was released samsung may not have know there was any issues with with 4.2.2 jellybean update for the samasung galaxy tab 2 10.1.

  9. I can not believe they removed screen shot. It was one of the tablets best features. My tab seems to run slower & I can no longer tell % of battery charge left. I see absolutely no benefits to 4.2.2. Bring back 4.1.1

    1. If you hold down power button and down volume button, you can do screenshot. On 4.1 i had to do the same anyway, there was no button at all for screenshot

    2. In order to see the battery % bar, go to settings, display, scroll down to more settings and check box next to show battery percentage.

    3. I agree entirely. What about people with arthritic hands trying to hold down 2 buttons at once, ridiculous

  10. One of my favorite features was the Screenshot button! Also heard multiple user accounts was new…supposed to be in settings under users…don’t see it. Would love to find a listing of changes and how to use them…..

  11. We also hate the new update! My and my husband’s tablets are both turning back on when we turn them off now, and we hate the new configuration. We wish we’d bought something else…

  12. I hate this new update. I used screenshot allthe time and now its gone. I can never tell how much battery life I have left. When something works SO good why screw with it? I want 4.1.1 back! How do I get it?

    1. To see the % battery, go to settings, display, scroll down to more settings and check box next to show battery percentage/

  13. I absolutely hate this new update!!!! My tablet is very slow now, constantly shutting off, booting me off, and just like everyone else said screenshot is GONE!!! Never had one of these problems before. And I certainly hope something is done about. And I’m going to say like all the other’s… Why mess with it, it wasn’t broke before, but now it is. PLEASE FIX THIS MATTER!!!

  14. I hate this update…thee better be a fix coming soon. With screen shot and a whole lot of butt kissing. I will return my tablet for a full refund if this is not taken care of within the next week. I called and the rep says give it a week and there should be an update. I am counting….

  15. When upgrading to new versions, one would expect a better experience, right? No better experience here either. I’m disappointed in 4.2.2. My Tab is slug slow, and hard resetting and clearing cache partition did nothing. I don’t feel comfortable enough rooting my Tab just so I can bring 4.1.1 back on it, but I’m just about ready to do that if an update or fix isnt released soon. It boots me off my Dolphin browser randomly, it hangs while browsing, there’s no snappiness in the Tab anymore.

  16. I didnt realise the update was for the whole tablet the next thing I knew it was all different and very hard to find things
    The notification bar being at the top makes it hard to access
    there are some really good features but the bad one out weigh them

    Now the USB connection dosent work upload or down load only for charging and i cant find USB debugging

    There doesnt seem to be any help when u go to Samsung site either
    may re install original version

  17. I was so upset when screen shot was taken away with the new update. I use tablet to keep in contact with family overseas and use screen shot a lot as I have my first Grandchild born overseas and it was so convenient to send information immediately by using screen shot now I don’t know what to do. I found my tablet easy to use and I learnt fast and now it’s like I am back to square one. ‘If it’s not broke don’t fix it’as they say. It has knocked my confidence as I am searching for ways to perform the tasks I used to do with just one touch.
    I am so worried to accept updates now I probably won’t know if you change it back. Really frustrated and disappointed.

    1. hold down power and volume down button at same time for taking screenshots, all screenshots will be stored in your gallery.

  18. Thanks, Angie Lee!

    I was able to revert back to v 4.1.1, and my machine is once again running like a charm, and shutting off without having to plug it into the charger and hope it will stay off.

    The download of v 4.1.1 at Hotfile takes a long time unless you get a premium account, because it is about 750MB. If I can figure out somewhere else that will host a file that large without the ad campaign, I will report back. You need to download Odin for your PC also. If you have Kies installed, you can skip the USB driver, because it is already on your computer.

    Clarification: You need to get to Odin mode on the Tab 2 before plugging into the PC.
    That is POWER + RIGHT volume. It will say Odin on the Tab 2 at the top of the screen. Then plug into USB and run Odin 3.07 on the pc. It should find your tablet, and will point to your documents, where you should have already unzipped the files to their own folders in your docs. You are going to use the PDA function button as was stated before to find the v 4.1.1 file.
    I did go into a loop when it auto-restarted, just looping to the blue Samsung oval logo.
    At that point you need to hold POWER + LEFT volume to get to the clear data and factory reset (reboot screen) function.

    After being frustrated by Samsung’s crappy support, giving me wrong information, acting like it was no big deal, and denying that there is a problem with v 4.2.2, I cannot help but wonder why they do not step up to the plate and allow users to revert to v 4.1.1. Very bad for their business in my book!

    The only thing I do not like about v 4.1.1, is the screen snapshot button location. Each to their own.

  19. I used to love using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1. I am 59 and Samsung fortunately made aTablet I could understand. Why!!! was it necessary to change so many things in the last upgrade? I used screen shot a lot and now I can’t anymore. I have tried the suggested moves but they don’t work on my Tablet. I am a Grandma for the first time and my Grandchild was born in Seoul and I used screen shot a lot and now I can’t. I used to send photos from Kakao to my friends of my new Grandchild instantly and now I can’t. My son teaches in a University in Seoul and he bought it for me so we can Kakao Talk to each other everyday. I am so dissappointed. I used to be able to copy recipes but not any more. I also try to watch Arirang TV and it cuts out all the time. It shows a little sign schedule and then closes. Very frustrating as it interupts the programme so much. I don’t believe this upgrade was necessary and I shouldn’t have upgraded but through my lack of computer literacy I clicked on it. I have never found spell check on this tablet, does it exist on it? Please, is there anyway I can get screen shot back. Ali Hobbs

  20. WHY, does it seem like this matter is just being ignored!!! Someone seriously needs to get on top of this. Tired of my tablet being slower than dial-up use to be.

  21. When I updated my tab I was so excited due to the increase in the storage space. I was so exicited I asked a friend who was not into all the updates and stuff to allow me update hers. Turns out mine was fine and hers has the shutdown problem…I still don’t really know what to do about it. can someone who has sorted this out just give me a direct answer….Plleeeasssse urgent…

  22. Have not seen any posts on this for a while. I have the 4.2.2 and am experiencing problems when trying to shut down. I assume after months of this problem there is still no solution? What is the easiest way to downgrade back to 4.1.1? Thanks

  23. Downloaded the update on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5113 10.1 2 days ago and I have had the same problems as everyone else. I cannot shut down the tablet the normal way. I can only shut it down if it is plugged into the outlet and by pressing down the On/Off button until it shuts off. I’ve contacted Samsung at 1-888-987-HELP and was told that they know there is a problem and that they are working on it. It will come in the form of an update. They don’t know when this will happen though. As far as resetting the tablet back to factory default, it will not correct the problem and you will lose any pictures, games, e-books, updates, etc. that may have been on the tablet. I was told by Samsung rep. on the phone that once the update has been downloaded, there is no way of going back to the previous version.

    I just want my old tablet back as much as everyone else. We should have been given the chance to choose whether or not to download this so called upgrade. Good luck everyone. Please keep posting any soultions anyone may have. Thank you.

  24. Just updated, what a massive disapointment. Unless its sorted quickly, will not be getting a samsung device again.

  25. I also hate this update. The main things for me is moving the back button to the most inconvenient place possible, makes it impossible to hit easily without moving my hands, and the notification panel at the top, again making it harder to access. The back button move is infuriating. Is there any way to customise this at all?

  26. In 4.2.2 the notifcations are now very small at the top of the display – in 4.1.1 they were at the bottom and it was possible to look at them and to remove with “clear”
    How do I now clear them from the top?

  27. I would like to revert back from 4.2.2 on my galaxy tab2 10.1 (p5110), sadly, I can’t get my PC to recognise it since the upgrade. It was fine before. Has anyone any suggestions about this, I’ve warn my fingers out trying to find a solution. Drivers, uninstalling drivers, help????????????????

    1. we’ve also encountered problems like that, and it happened to us. if the problem doesn’t lied in the USB driver, it may also caused by a (1) bad USB cable (2) computer USB port (3) your computer operating system. So try to figure out which one has troubled you.

  28. I hate that I can’t see the bloody clock or battery while in an app like before when it was on the bottom of the screen! PUT IT BACK! I have to exit an app just to look at the time! I thought this would be obvious samsung!? I mean wtf!?

  29. How the hell do I get back to 4.1.1? I hate this abomination so much. I’ve tried to ‘downgrade’ using odin, but it keeps saying ‘failed’. My usb cable is fine btw. Using 4.2.2, I have a smaller viewable screen area in my browser due to the info at the top, there’s a shadow there as well which is annoying, no screen grab button, slow and jerky movement, typing is a bit off as well. The whole thing is unnecessary, no improvements whatsoever, so how come this is an upgrade? Samsung sprung this on us, I thought it was just a minor software update.

  30. Dear google and samsung,
    You have tampered with my tablet. If I wanted it rearranged I would have contacted you. I don’t let others into my house to rearrange my furniture nor does GM come out to repaint my car and install additional items at a whim. I bought my tablet, not a phone and don’t need MY tablet to look or work like a phone display. I believe this talk of not able to “go back” is false…hire the guy back that did the older version, tell him to go under his desk and dig out the plans and rebuild it. I’m sure the smart kids you have working for you can find ways to install your hidden research, tags and such in the older version.
    Please give all of us that liked the older version a early Christmas present and return our tablets to

  31. I hate this update & I want my screenshot button back! I’ll be going over to ipad if they keep this mess up!

  32. Echo echo. This update is crap and I’m angry. It’s been awhile but perhaps good therapy to say again. Machine will not turn off. Are you kidding me Samsung?

    Suddenly I have stuck icons on bottom of page. Like my phone. I don’t want this.

    Idiotic move of bottom buttons from left side to center. And idiot Samsung reverses actual order of Open Apps and Back Button. why why why?

    And now idiot Samsung the Home button is a mm below the Space Bar when typing. So I accidentally hit Home often when typing.

    I loved this P5113. Under 4.1.1 And now its junk. Thanks Samsuck!

  33. I am afraid to allow the new update of firmware, since the last update changed everything and I have to do a double turn off. Has anyone updated this, and r there any problems?

  34. my tablet was shut down when it was updating android, now it doesn’t starts even don’t show the battery charging, sorry for my english, what can I do?

  35. I had the same problem people describe above with tablet not turning off any longer after update. I found the problem to be with the samsung screensaver that was installed. once i removed this app for samsung screensave, no longer had an issue

  36. Can’t believe this excuse of an update. I too used the screen shot option a lot. I skype frequently with my daughter and granddaughter. I share my photos with other family members. I for one assumed an update would offer more not take options away. I want my screen shot option back forget the update.

  37. I updated my tablet a while back and now the screenshot capture button is missing from the bottom. Why is that???????

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