OTW Update Verizon Galaxy S4 to 4.2.2 I545VRUDMI1 with New Modem and Locked Bootloader

Verizon has just released another software update to all Samsung Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545) owners to build number I545VRUDMI1. This update is still bundled on Android 4.2.2 same version from the previous build I545VRUAME7, and this time it is only delivered via OTW (over-the-wire) or by using Verizon’s Update Assistant and might also hit via OTA (over-the-air) soon, since most Android users never have been familiar with this update assistance that necessarily needed to install to the device which is only happens on big red Galaxy S4s. Some goodies on this update is that it includes another modem version on which basically improves signal. However, every update do have a new modem build version that also corresponds to the build number and it is not literally boosts signal sometimes. Gee, I can tell.
There some new added features and there is an old apps that has been removed before and has now returned. If you are advance you must be aware if this update also includes a new bootloader, well of-course it does and probably there’s a new patched to it that prevents owners into rooting. As you may already know that Verizon Galaxy S4 has taken a few months before some devs figured out how to install safestrap on a locked bootloader just to gain root access. So this might be once again includes another secured bootloader.

The Official changelog of I545VRUDMI1 4.2.2 Update

eSE Removal
Optical Reader (Stub)
Abbott WiFi Profile Fix
My Video Settings Update

New versions of Pre-load application included in SU2:
Air View
Samsung Hub
Story Album
S Health
S Translator

Those who wants to upgrade now may install the Software Update Assistant from big red website. For those who might have had their precious Galaxy S4 rooted with safestrap ME7 exploit, it’s up to you if you now take the plunged into updating. Your root will be wiped-out after the update and might will not be rooted again soon enough until someone can apply some magic tricks on this newly locked bootloader.

The Odin stock I545VRUDMI1 ROM can be downloaded here, thanks to [Surge1223]

Thank’s to [jessie02]